A Weekly Writing Report (#3)

The so-called “Big Boys Cry When Their Hearts Are Breaking” has earned itself my confidence and approval. It now has an official title, and my belief that it can be a special contribution to a small literary magazine.

Changing my writing routine is still proving difficult because I’m so used to writing at night, but I am more than satisfied with this week’s progress. I managed to rewrite the entire short story (it was more of a mess of forming ideas) into a cohesive, intriguing piece. Perhaps I should read more young adult? This story honestly started out as a long review about how problematic Anna and the French Kiss is.

This current week I am planning to print out a few short stories so I can learn a few more techniques from the masters. I will also be wrapping up a few books I’m currently reading so I can pick up a John le Carre novel; his writing style never ceases to inspire me to do better. After that, “Big Boys” gets one more rewrite and then it’s off to editing.

It feels amazing to be almost done with a project. I certainly wouldn’t be this close if I hadn’t adopted this weekly writing challenge. Can’t wait to get cozy with my other drafts. They’ve been waiting much longer than this one has.

Big Boys Cry When Their Hearts Are Breaking/ Literary : +3100

TOTAL: 3100/1000 ☺


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