A Weekly Writing Report (#4)

The week before this update was the best reading week for me so far this year not in terms of how much I read but rather how much I enjoyed what I was reading. My current pile still includes two amazing short story collections and two novels, which you will be seeing me talk about soon on my reviews blog, but I have to say this is the first time I’ve felt I was reading three potential five-star books at once. It came as no surprise to me then that my over excited brain had a blast jumping all over the place when it came time to writing.

“Big Boys Cry When Their Hearts Are Breaking” will be taking at least three more weeks out while I continue to learn from the masters through the short story collections I still have to read, so expect no updates on that one soon. That one will be finding a home in a literary magazine anyways if everything works out as planned. In the meantime I am working on one short story among the three below that I plan to publish here in the next few months. 

And remember how I said I wanted to try writing every morning? Well…I’ve gone back to evenings. I am not a morning person. 

I’ll Never Let Go, Calum, I’ll Never Let Go/ Literary : +500

Little Brother Knows Better/ Neo-Gothic : +200

She Blinks Like Owls/ Tasmanian Gothic : +300

TOTAL: 1000/1000 ☺


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