A Weekly Writing Report (#5)

Last week I wrapped up two of the four books I was reading. One earned five stars while the other earned four stars, and if you’ve been following me for a while then you would know that equates to an extraordinary reading month. All those emotions and thoughts collided into each other to stir alive a sprout of a new short. Oh the joys of an ever growing drafts folder, right? 

Next week I will be rewatching my favorite television series (The Kettering Incident) as I buckle myself in tight to finish the first draft of my longest and most bizarre short story in progress. 

The encroaching presence of Monsoon season combined with the abundant 4 PM to 12 AM shifts I’ve been working has given me the ability to experience some of the gloomiest and dreariest downpours just on the other side of my window. For me, there’s nothing more inspirational than that, so I’ve got a feeling that my average weekly word count should be peaking soon. 

A Guilty Broken Body/ Literary : +300

The Apologetic Screwup/ Literary : +700

TOTAL: 1000/1000 ☺


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